Offer a quick way to pay for your service

Don't worry about purchasing and setting up special equipment. Simply display a QR code that your customers can scan.

Gain powerful insights about your customers

After your customer pays, they can link their email to track rewards. From then on you're able to identify & connect with your most loyal customers.

Send tailored marketing messages when your customers are nearby

Keep your customers up to date about the latest deals, specials, products & services when they are nearby your location. Powered by Apple Siri suggestions.


Drive traffic to your store

When customers are nearby, they get notified on their phones, bringing new customers to your door.

Build customer data

Link customer transactions to emails, allowing you to market your products and services

No special tech requirements

Every customer with an iPhone can pay with their phone at your business.


No up front costs

Research suggests that customers who utilize wallet apps spend over 8% more than those who use Apple Pay. Building a custom wallet app would cost $10,000+.



/of payout volume

  • Custom Apple App Clip to take payments
  • Merchant App to track and verify payments
  • Ability to create loyalty reward programs
  • Customer buying history and contact information
  • Automatically send marketing messages to customers near your business who have iPhones
  • Stripe Fees Additional

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